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Cumulative total in fundraising (4 events)$11,627.44       

100 Wave Challenge for Boys to Men.

Delaney caught 100 waves on her SUP in less than 3.5 hours (averaging about 1 wave every 2 minutes). Conditions were 2-4 foot faces with occasional sets to 6 feet. Delaney raised $4,232.50 for the Boys to Men Program – helping at-risk youth without dads.

Overall the organization raised more than $300,000. Event took place 9/2014.

A link to the video:

A link to make donations to Boys to Men:

Surf-A-Thon Fundraiser to benefit the family of surfing legend Buttons Kaluhiokalani.

Hello. My name is Delaney Kuepper. I am 9 years old and I love surfing. Yesterday, one of the icons of surf passed away (Buttons Kaluhiokalani). Although I never met Buttons, I want to help raise money for his family. To accomplish this, I am going to try and catch 54 waves (the years he lived) in a single surf session at my home break (Cardiff Reef, CA) on 11/16/13 - even if takes me all day to do it.

Please help me raise funds to support his family and honor his contribution to Surfing. You can Donate a flat dollar amount
or Pledge a dollar amount per wave. With your help, I hope to raise $5,000. I hope this will be a blessing to his family so please do whatever you can to support them.

If you are surfing Cardiff that day, please say hello and we can catch a wave together.

To learn more about Buttons go to this link:

To make a donation visit this link at

Amount raised: $544.94



SUP Clinic Fundraiser for Zoe Bernstein.

Thanks to all who participated in the Stand Up Paddle Clinic Fundraiser for Zoe Bernstein! It was a great weather day and lots of fun for all those who registered. Delaney helped Matthew and Ryan from "2 Stand Up Guys" with their instruction and they helped spread the SUP stoke to about 30 kids. Thanks also to King's Paddle Sports and Jersey Mike's Subs of Encinitas.

Delaney awaits a small legion of kids about to SUP for the first time. She had a great time giving tips to all the kids. Amount raised $800
12 Mile Ocean Paddle from Cardiff reef to La Jolla Shores.

Official Results: 
Delaney finished her distance paddle of 11.8 miles in 3.5 hours. In the process raised $6,050 for Rady Children's Hospital. Thanks to her many supporters!

For detailed articles click links below:

North County Times:


    Watch the Video - Click Here

Ever since I can remember, my family, my neighborhood and my school have spent time helping others who are less fortunate than we are. I feel very blessed to have good health and enjoy the sports I love. My favorite sport is Stand Up Paddle Surfing although I like all ocean sports (such as longboarding, boogie boarding, snorkeling, boating, fishing etc.).

Recently, I decided that I wanted to try and do something myself to help others - especially kids who cannot do some of the things that I can do. So we came up with the idea of raising money and awareness for kids by doing something I like to do best - being on my paddleboard.

So with the help of my parents I learned about a hospital that helps kids with all kinds of health issues including deadly diseases like cancer. It is called Rady Children's Hospital and it is located in San Diego, close to where we live. I also came up with a name for my new effort: Kidz Who Care.

11-Mile Open Ocean Paddle
Even though I am only 7 years old I am going to do my best to paddle 11 miles in the Pacific Ocean, with the help of my friends, supporters and family. This journey starts in San Diego, CA at Cardiff Reef and heads South exactly 11 miles to La Jolla Shores. I am currently testing and training on long distance race boards to build up the endurance necessary to make this distance.

Fortunately for me King's Paddle Sports is supporting me by providing me with a custom 12 foot board made just for my size. It is the best equipment available and will help improve my chances. Even though I am a strong little girl, this is a long distance and I will do my best to complete it. I know that is going to be a major struggle but no where near the struggles that kids I met at Children's Hospital have.

11 mile Ocean Course from Cardiff to La Jolla Shores:

Please Help Me, Help the Kids at Rady Children's Hospital
You can help by donating money or by volunteering your time in promoting this event. Soon we will post more details regarding the date of the event (currently estimated to occur Spring, 2012).

Money donations can be made in several ways:
1) You can sponsor Delaney for each mile she paddles.
2) You can make a fixed donation amount.
3) You can be a Featured Sponsor which will highlight your name or organization on Delaney's Paddle Board and other promotional items.
4) You can bid on Delaney's Board and Paddle as an auction item package.

To Make A Tax Deductible Contribution - Directly to Rady Children's Hospital Click the Link Below:

You can also "LIKE" the Facebook Fan page of the sponsor's link below, and they will donate $1 on your behalf.

Please check back for updates on Delaney's training, funds raised, links to the events Facebook page and other resources.

You can also send inquiries to
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